Dat Ear Flop

Dat Ear Flop

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In the time that I have wast­ed on this web­site watch­ing and rewatch­ing cat gifs, I could have:
.) Begun high school lev­el study on biol­o­gy and chem­istry, attend­ed and grad­u­at­ed uni, and devel­oped a per­ma­nent cure for hunger.
.) Mar­ried the girl of my dreams, it’s com­pli­cat­ed, divorced, and found that girl who’s just that lev­el of remark­ably aver­age that I’d set­tle for that.
.) Adopt­ed my own cat and recre­at­ed every sin­gle one of these gifs.
.) Solved for ‘x’.
.) Destroyed my Nokia
.) Found out why kids love the taste of Cin­na­mon Toast Crunch.

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