Cats Love Bacon Too

Cat Licks Pig
Just kid­ding, It’s Milo clean­ing the piglet from Milo and Otis.

Om Nom Nom Nom


2 replies on “Cats Love Bacon Too”

Don’t post some clip from a movie and not even tag the name. It’s Milo clean­ing the piglet from Milo and Otis come on, it was one of the cutest scenes from that movie and had noth­ing to do with, “lik­ing bacon”. It’d be ok if you at least tagged the movie that it came from. How could a per­son that posts these not have watched that movie any­way? If you like ani­mals and cute things, that is like THE movie to see because it’s cute and retains a age neu­tral audi­ence by not being ridicu­lous­ly childish.

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